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Headway Nottingham is the only long-term brain injury rehabilitation and support centre covering the city of Nottingham and county of Nottinghamshire.

Founded in 1996 by families and carers of people with brain injuries, and from our Day Centre in Bilborough, our Support Workers, Volunteers and Outreach Team use specialist knowledge, activities and workshops, practical advice, time and understanding to respond to the individual needs of each person; encouraging them to understand their injury, move closer towards independent living and reach their potential despite disability.

About Brain Injury

Brain injury turns lives upside down without warning. Long-lasting physical disabilities, cognitive impairments and behavioural issues can leave individuals unable to recognise the person they once were and often isolated in their communities.

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36% of those supported by Headway Nottingham in 2014 had to wait 10 years to access the support they have needed since their brain injury.

By supporting us you can help make sure that more people with brain injuries in Nottinghamshire get the support they need, when they need it.

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Rehabilitation / Day Centre

"The team at Headway Nottingham were the only people who understood how I felt and the symptoms of my head injury... I think they are wonderful and are needed badly by the people of Nottingham."

At Headway Nottingham's Day Centre you will find a dedicated and friendly team of Support Workers and Volunteers, supporting the individual and complex rehabilitation and support requirements of each person attending the centre. With a diverse range of activities and workshops, all designed to address the physical and cognitive problems experienced after brain injury, we help each person achieve and reach their potential. Headway Nottingham is a lifeline of understanding, friendship and support for those who have been marginalised from other professional support due to the complex nature of their injuries.

Housing and Benefits advice

By the nature of brain injury, individuals and families often struggle with a sudden drop in household income, with family members unable to return to work due to their injury or because they have adopted new caring responsibilities for their loved one. We support individuals and families to ensure they receive appropriate welfare assistance, stabilize precarious housing issues and help implement strategies for managing finances over the long term.

At a time post-injury when life has been turned upside down, securing greater financial stability can allow individuals and whole families the energy and time they need to readjust to life after brain injury and move forward with rehabilitation.

For welfare support after brain injury, contact

Carer Support

The effects of brain injury are felt beyond the person who has sustained it. Families are thrown into unfamiliar circumstances as they face the uncertainty of their loved one's future and adopt new caring responsibilities in the home, often without support of knowing where to turn for help.

If you are a carer for someone with a brain injury we could support you.

Email or telephone 0115 9679669.


The success of our rehabilitation programmes are dependent on the support of our team of volunteers working alongside our experienced and dedicated support staff. If you can offer three hours a week of your time for a minimum term of three months, we would love to hear from you!

Email Charlotte at for an application form.