Walking to work wouldn't be a big deal for a lot of people, but for me that means crossing counties and using 60 miles of shoe leather in just one week.

I'm Alexandria, Headway Nottingham's Outreach Worker.  Here's why I'll be setting my alarm clock for 5am everyday for a week in June, and why you should sponsor my epic efforts...

14th May 2018

Walked locally this weekend with my pup along our favourite river in Blackwell.  Unfortunately my phone stopped tracking but I would estimate we covered around 5 miles... A steady one in prep to ramp it up next weekend!

30th April 2018

Clocked the milage a bit differently this weekend, in my most favourite way - on horseback... does that count?!  We were at a steady walk most of the way around and it was interesting to know my pace at walk is faster than that of a horse!  Hehe...

Please keep sponsoring me, folks (this is the link)!  I am so grateful!

I have a faster walking pace than a horse! Who knew?!

25th April 2018

Some reocurring questions I am being asked about my Walk to Work week;

Q. How many miles will you walk?

A. I'm walking 12 miles into work everyday for a week.  So 60 miles in total.

Q. Are you walking home too?

A. I'm not. The walk home would stand me at 7 hours of walking each day and a 9pm arrival home from work, so would be tricky. Perhaps that's a challenge for the future.

Q. Can I sponsor you in cash?

A. JustGiving is easy to set up but I understand not for everyone.  I would be delighted to accept cash and will update a total on my JustGiving page here.

Walk to Work week FAQs

23rd April 2018

Did another 8 mile prep walk this evening and this time I had the company of my amazing Todd and Coach Obi (the dog).

The 8 miles was tough as off road and Todd was leading the way as he knew the route from an ordnance map. Someone else leading is something I find tricky; not knowing the distance we are covering or having an idea of destination, but it felt easier than the walk to my yard at the weekend.  And I don't ache as much!

Gotta keep getting the miles in...

Another training 8 miler completed!

22nd April 2018

High-fiving myself! 8.69 miles in 2 hours 10 minutes!!

Great first walk in my 'Walk to Work' week prep and a fab way to test the water, as it were. 

I have discovered that I will need better walking shoes, I will need to take necessities; a choc bar and deodorant, I need some good music and I also ought to learn some stretches for pre and post-walk!  Happy days all round though. Challenging due to Derbyshire and its hills.  But enjoyable!

Celebrating my first epic training walk for Headway Nottingham!

20th April 2018 (evening)

I've just had a little 4.9 mile walk up Minninglow Hill and onto the Tissington Trail this evening - something steady and scenic to kick start my motivation.  These lighter nights will definitely help me to clock up the miles! My little Coach, Obi (the dog) enjoyed it too, although he makes it look easy - my excuse is, he has four legs to my two!

20th April 2018 (morning)

Well, it's payday!  The sun is shining and I'm feeling inspired.

With just eight weeks to go until my 'Walk to Work' week I have decided that this week I will start some prep.

This month's paycheck has me some walking boots on order, I have revised my route (see picture below) and I have ensured it is safe and accessible.

This evening I have a gentle walk planned with my dog and I have also discovered that the yard where my pnies are kept is approximately ten miles away on foot - so a walk there and back will make for some good practice!

My route to Headway Nottingham... on foot!

29th March 2018

Growing up with a Dad who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and has gradually lost the use of his legs (and prior was the most active person on the planet), I have inherited the belief that if we have the ability to do things - we should always strive to. 

Working with the incredible individual at Headway Nottingham who have experience brain injury and might have all kinds of associated difficulties as a result; including with their mobility, much like my Dad; has only cemented this belief. 

I can enjoy the countryside.Alexandria, Headway Nottingham

I can go out for hours with my dog. 

I can nip to the shops.

And I can often be found parked in the furthest bay away in the supermarket without mither.

Therefore, what finer challenge than to set myself the goal to 'Walk to Work' for a week in June!!! That, for a few wouldn't be an issue - but considering I'll be crossing counties; from Derbyshire to Nottinghamshire (12 miles and 3.5 hours of working per day from 6am to 9.30am) and covering 60 miles over the week.  I'm confident that I've set myself quite the trial :)

I have a target to raise of £750 which is potentially a vast amount of money for Headway Nottingham. 

It could pay for a ten week course of 'Walking for Fitness' sessions for the clients. Affording those who may no longer be able to leave the house alone, the opportunity to take those first steps with a sense of achievement for people who are regularly told they are 'disabled'. 

If you could donate, big or small, you will be giving me that push and helping to secure what is a wonderful service.