It is with a great deal of sadness that we announce the recent death of Dinah Minton MBE, wife of Barrington Minton, the husband and wife team who along with Sir Neville Butterworth, Reg Talbot and Philip Lockhart, founded the charity Headway.

Dinah Minton MBE, who toegther with her husband, Barrington, founded the Headway networkDinah and Barry were instrumental in setting up the charity Headway. Headway was formed when Dinah and Barry responded to an advert that had been posted in the national newspapers by Sir Neville Butterworth who was seeking holiday accommodation for his brain-injured son. Dinah and Barry, having experienced first hand for themselves the challenges of post injury rehabilitation following Launce’s car accident a few years earlier were quickly on board.

Working tirelessly and combining their talents into an incredible team a support network was quickly established, soon followed by regional day-centres offering advice and respite care. Barry was the business brains providing the charities first offices and significant financial backing and Dinah was the face of the charity, travelling the length and breadth of the country connecting families in need with support, and establishing residential care homes. Headway became Dinah’s life.

“Dinah was the inspiration behind Headway - a cause which she pursued with customary warmth, generosity, and concern for those with brain injuries. Her contribution has been immeasurable, and she will be sorely missed as both a friend and colleague.” - Ed Myers, Headway Nottingham's Chair of the Board of Trustees

It was their amazing work for Headway that led to Dinah and Barry almost becoming the first couple to receive a joint MBE. But unfortunately Barry died before the honour could be bestowed, and unable to award the MBE posthumously Dinah received it herself in 1999.

Barry died in November 1998 but Dinah continued as a Trustee of Headway National until she felt her time was better spent supporting the local Nottingham Headway group so she stepped down to dedicate her time to Headway Nottingham as a trustee alongside her daughter the architect and expert witness Hannah Minton.

The funeral service will take place this coming Monday 29th April at St Marys Church, Lowdham.

We thank the Minton family for these words.