Headway Nottingham's rehabilitation centre is closed with immediate effect as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Whilst we do not know how long this closure will remain in effect please be reassured that we will maintain regular contact with our members to continue to provide support by telephone and email.  The team are available on 07515 519 949 or 07517 367 529 and [email protected]

Headway Nottingham will continue to provide service updates on our website, on social media and by telephone for our members, their families and carers.  

UK Government continue to advise against unnecessary contact with others to reduce the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. If you have a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, the NHS advises that you should stay at home. Call Headway Nottingham for telephone support or use the NHS 111 Coronavirus service for medical advice.

The following checklist may help you to prepare for self-isolation.

  • Do you have a good supply of medications (daily meds and paracetamol)? Check with your GP what their new regime is, change to opening hours/home deliveries. Are you due any medical reviews or tests?
  • Do you need to get any specific items in? eg. medical dressings, stoma bags, diabetic equipment.
  • Do you have food supplies in? eg. bread, milk, beans, toothpaste, toilet rolls, cleaning items, toiletries (including sanitary towels etc.)
  • Do you have enough money? Make sure you have some cash in the house in case you can’t get to the bank/cash point.
  • Ensure you have enough gas and electric. Top-up with extra where possible to ensure you have enough to last through isolation.
  • Top-up your phone. Ensure you have enough credit in case you need to contact people. Make sure it is charged.
  • Additional supplies. eg. pet food, petrol, items needed for children or other family members.
  • Make sure you have support contact numbers. g. family, friends, care companies, Headway Nottingham.
  • Prepare activities to do at home eg. books, magazines, games, cleaning/organising – we can support our members with this

Download the checklist here: Coronavirus_checklist_for_self-isolation_pdf.pdf

We're grateful to our friends at Second Chance Headway Wakefield for creating this checklist list and allowing us to reproduce it.