UPDATE: The Headway Nottingham team are thrilled and humbled that the support of the Nottingham community has meant we have reached our appeal target and Headway Nottingham is safe for at least another full financial year.

To every person who donated, shared our appeal and supported us through this difficult time, sincere and heartfelt thanks. Together we will continue to improve lives for people with brain injuries throughout Nottingham! 

Headway Nottingham is full of people who consider themselves lucky to be alive after sustaining a brain injury. It’s full of people who were told they wouldn’t walk, talk or be independent. People come to us for help as they adjust to life with disability after brain injury and learn how to navigate the world after this trauma. It’s full of people who refuse to let disability define them and instead, are working to support each other to achieve, despite the barriers they face. It is warm, compassionate, fun and life changing.

Since we re-opened after the pandemic we have been operating with a small, but unsustainable loss, and our modest reserve funds are not large enough to keep plugging the gap. Though we have introduced cost saving measures over the last six months that have helped, the fundraising landscape is extremely tough, and we simply haven’t been able to raise the same amounts over the last few years that we have achieved previously.

We may have to close the charity at the end of March 2024.

If you can spare any money to donate, it will help. If you have a workplace with the capability to donate, it will help. If you can spread the word about the possible loss of the only longer-term brain injury support service in Nottinghamshire, it will help.

Brain injury does not discriminate. It could happen to anyone, at any time, and it‘s vital that we are still here to support those having to adjust to life with disability after brain injury.