Memory Loss: A campaign to remember

ABI Week 2020 has begun with 'Memory loss: A campaign to remember', aiming to raise awareness of the ways in which memory problems can affect people with brain injuries and their families. It explores the impact of memory on relationships, recovery and returning to work. Read more

People with brain injuries 'fear for future' with loss of rehabilitation

More than half of people with brain injuries have lost access to rehabilitation services as a result of lockdown measures and now fear for their futures, according to a study published by the national charity, Headway - the brain injury association. Read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Headway Nottingham's centre is currently closed as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus. We are committed to maintaining support for our members, their families and carers. Read more

Flame UK's Support Burns Brightly

Flame UK, the Colwick-based facilities management company has announced its decision to support Headway Nottingham as its Charity of the Year. Read more

Innovation in Brain Injury Rehabilitation - Dramatherapy

The British Association of Dramatherapists’ Charity (BADth Charity) is delighted to announce that Headway Nottingham has been successful in its bid for funding to employ a Dramatherapist to enhance rehabilitation services. Read more

BNI Castle Network in Style

Business networking is a lively affair in West Bridgford. We're grateful to BNI Castle for supporting Hats for Headway Day with typical enthusiasm and energy! Read more

Hats and Networking @ Nottingham Playhouse

Headway Nottingham was supported by the talented local business people attending Networking @ Nottingham Playhouse this May! The generous bunch wore their Hats for Headway as the coffee flowed and business relationships flourished! We are grateful to every local business person who took the plunge and got involved and to Shamshad Walker Marketing for organising the event. Read more

Nottingham charity calls for people to Wake up to fatigue!

Headway Nottingham is calling for greater understanding and awareness of the hidden effects of brain injury on the back of a new study showing that those living with the extreme effects of fatigue are being unfairly treated. Read more

Bennet Bunny's Lucky Winner is...

Our Easter Raffle has been drawn and serendipitously, Bennet Bunny is going home with Headway Nottingham's littlest and most tuneful supporter! Read more

Get Burgered... it's for a great cause!

Feeling peckish? The good people at The Station Hotel in Hucknall have got the burger for you. And if you needed another reason to treat yourself, 20p from each Headway Burger will be donated to us here at Headway Nottingham! Read more

Scape Group's Triumph for Brain Injury Support

Headway Nottingham and Scape Group are celebrating the local charity's biggest ever corporate adoption, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Read more

Team Scape's Peddle Power

Headway Nottingham's hero supporters, Scape Group, are joining forces with delivery partners at construction firm, Willmott Dixon to add to their incredible fundraising coffers for 2018! Read more

100% Success for Literacy and Numeracy Learners

Headway Nottingham is proudly celebrating the successes of our cohort of English and Maths students, all of whom have achieved English and Maths qualifications right here at our rehabilitation centre. Read more

Headway Celebrates Masons Support

Headway Nottingham is proud to have been awarded a £3,000 donation from The Masonic Charitable Foundation. The grant acknowledges the life-changing work undertaken at Headway Nottingham and is exclusively for the support of people in our local community whose lives have been turned upside down after brain injury. Read more

Chris takes the plunge for Headway Nottingham

What inspires a man to jump from an aeroplane at 3,000 feet, all in the name of charity? Chris Clough from Nottingham will be doing just that in August, all to support Headway Nottingham in return for supporting his Mum through one of the toughest experiences of her life. Read more

Headway Nottingham Centre update 02/03/2018

The team is working away from the centre today. Click here for contact information. Read more