Thoughts of a Trustee

What galvanises someone to give their time freely, and for no reward other than to help make life better for someone else? Our Trustee, Gill Perkins shares her motivations and experience...Read more

A day in the life of an Outreach Worker

How does the day pan out for our Outreach worker? Take a look and find out how they fit everything in.Read more

A Typical Day of Volunteering

How does a volunteer spend her day at Headway Nottingham? Here's a tale of a typical day in the life of a Headway Nottingham volunteer, warts and all.Read more

Do I have to be a tree? (Dramatherapy in Brain Injury Rehabilitation)

Dramatherapy has been a regular and popular addition to Headway Nottingham's rehabilitation timetable since summer. But what is the value of Dramatherapy in the realm of brain injury? Has it been successful in rediscovering memories, building confidence and improving communication skills? Who is Trevor Nobrain and do you really have to be a tree?Read more