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Providing long term health & social rehabilitation, help & advice, respite, guidance & support to individual’s, carer’s and families who have been affected by brain injury across Nottingham & Nottinghamshire. Read more

Your life changes in an instant.  A bit like a software update on your phone.  What was safe, familiar and easy is now oddly confusing and takes so much longer to master.  Brain injury is an unwanted update.  Being left with a new version of the self you've known all your life and furiously trying to see a way through the overwhelming fog of confusion.  Headway Nottingham exists to offer support, guidance and longer-term rehabilitation to those people experiencing just that.  Since 1996 we've been responding to a desperate need for more brain injury specific services in Nottinghamshire.  We aim to help people get to know the new person they have become and offer the opportunity for them to explore the new feelings, reactions and behaviours in a safe and understanding environment.

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How we help

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Our impact

It's sometimes difficult to measure the impact a service likes our can have, brain injury is such a vast and varied thing. Our over-arching measurement is the satisfaction of our clients and their families. How they feel about our service will tell us how well we are doing and if we can do any more.



Support for carers

Brain injury doesn't just affect the person living with the condition, it also affects those around them. Family, friends and loved ones also have to adjust to life after brain injury and it can be very difficult.



Rehabilitation & Progression

Progression, redeveloping skills and finding you again might feel a long way away after a brain injury. At our friendly and welcoming rehabilitation centre we will work with you to achieve your goals and help you reach your potential.




Our Caseworker is the first point of contact you are likely to have when your referral has been received by Headway Nottingham. Anyone can make a referral for our support, whether referring yourself or making a referral as a professional concerned with someone's welfare. Once the referral is made our Caseworker will get in touch with the person concerned or their carer and work with them to formulate a suitable plan for progression.



How you can help

Volunteer with us

What could you do with three hours? Watch three episodes of the latest must-see series. Go out for a meal. Interact on social media. All very enjoyable to do, but will any of those positively impact your local community and simultaneously enhance your sense of self-worth? Volunteering with Headway Nottingham will, and three hours a week is all we need from you.



Fundraising ideas

You don't need to be an athlete to raise money for us (although if you're feeling energetic have a look here!) you just need a passion to make life better for people affected by brain injury and a can-do attitude! Whatever piques your interest, let us know and we'll help you along the way!




In the 90 seconds it takes to make a donation to Headway Nottingham another person will be admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury.



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Amount raised: £9,341.12

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