It's difficult to think about, but making a Will is an important way to ensure your wishes are carried out when you are no longer there. 

Writing a Will gives you choice about providing for your loved ones and peace of mind that your wishes will be honoured.  

When you come to make your Will, and after you have made provision for friends and family, you might like to consider leaving a gift to Headway Nottingham. 

By including Headway Nottingham in your Will you can leave a lasting legacy of support, friendship and rehabilitation for many years to come. You can help us ensure that we continue to;

  • Rebuild life skills, understanding and independence through our innovative rehabilitation workshops
  • Provide a lifeline of friendship and possibility 
  • Advocate for people with brain injuries, ensuring they access the right support at the right time
  • Provide respite and a compassionate listening ear for carers and family members of our members 

To amend your existing Will or include Headway Nottingham in a new one, simply give our name, 'Headway Nottingham' and Registered Charity Number, 1088685, to your solicitor. 

For more information on where to start, visit the UK Government website here.

Voluntary donations are essential to ensure that people in Nottingham's city and county, struggling with the effects of brain injury, have the opportunity to live a life that is not defined by disability. 

Read Ette's story to discover more about the life changing impacts of our work in Nottingham.

Read Ette's Story

"Without Headway Outreach and Centre where would I be right now?  Probably sitting in my house with nothing to say, no interests and still not accepting what happened to me.  Instead, I love my new life.  My lights have switched on and I enjoy everything."

If you choose to leave a legacy to Headway Nottingham, we will use your gift wisely to ensure maximum benefit for people with brain injuries.  We will communicate with your loved ones with sensitivity, respect your's and their privacy and understand that you may choose to change your mind if your circumstances change.  If your family wishes, we will be pleased to keep them informed on the impact your gift.