In March 2022, a 26 year old Nottingham man, Nathaniel Bierley was celebrating his anniversary with his girlfriend in Nottingham City centre when he became the victim of a vicious and unprovoked single punch to the head, resulting in him knocking his head on the pavement in Parliament Street.  Sadly Nathaniel passed away 12 days later as a result of his brain injuries.  

The impact of one-punch violence stretches further beyond even the devastating loss of Nathaniel's life. His family are not the only ones left distraught by untimely loss, struggling to make sense of the senseless. 

Although many people can survive one punch to the head, the risk remains that they will sustain injuries that result in life-long disabilities, changing the course of their lives and meaning they require support indefinitely.  

One Punch UK is a charity set up to raise awareness of the potential impacts of one-punch violence, educate the wider public and promote the message that one punch simply isn't worth the risk. They also support the family and friends of victims of one-punch assaults.  If you feel that they might be able to help you, get in touch on 07950421183.  

This September you can add your voice to their important message and support the One Punch national Awareness Week. Find more information here: One Punch UK Awareness Week 2023