Action for Brain Injury Week 2022 will focus on what can be for many people with brain injuries, a hidden disability. 'See the hidden me' will raise awareness and understanding of the often misunderstood symptoms of a brain injury, and work to alleviate the challenges, and frustrations, people face.

To the outside world, you may look as you did before, but whether it be the day-to-day difficulties, or reoccurring misunderstandings of the effects of your brain injury, 'See the hidden me' will empower individuals to talk about when hidden disability has made life more challenging, whilst also asking the general public for more understanding and respect.

The campaign will amplify the voices of people with brain injuries so friends, families, colleagues and professionals gain a better insight into the invisible battles they may face every day.

See the hidden me will help others see the hidden you.  How will you get involved with the campaign? 

Express Yourself 

By the nature of brain injury, you may experience difficulties with sharing information, feelings or explanations with others in your life.  Perhaps you aren't sure of the words to use or even where to start.  Headway - the brain injury association has created a template letter that you can use to share your thoughts and wishes.

Access the template letter

Whether you choose to share your letter with the person you have in mind or not, this may be a useful tool for reflecting on what experiencing hidden disability means to you and what you may wish to share with others in the future.

Conversation starters 

You are the expert on your brain injury.  Despite this, sometimes it can be difficult to know what or how to share what is important to you.  Perhaps these conversation starters will provide some inspiration.  

Action for Brain Injury Week is an opportunity to increase understanding and awareness of 'hidden disability'.  We hope that whilst the 'See the Hidden Me' campaign will raise awareness, it will also help you to feel better understood and heard.  

You can keep up to date with the 'See the Hidden Me' campaign on our social media channels; FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn

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