Our Caseworker will arrange to meet you at a place that is convenient and feels safe for you to speak openly.  A concerned professional, carer or family member is welcome to attend this meeting as long as you are happy for them to do so.  

During your visit our Caseworker will speak with you about your experiences since your injury and the areas where you feel you need support.  Sometimes it's helpful for a family member to be involved in this conversation to help you recall areas of difficulty or significant issues that may have become a challenge post-injury.  We will also ask you a set of structured questions which are designed to help us assess what support you require. 

Our Caseworker will discuss your options with you.  If you choose to try our rehabilitation centre you will be offered a free trial session to allow you to get a feel for the service and support we offer.  

All information you share with us will be kept completely confidential.