The Headway Nottingham team must sadly share the news that our wonderful Volunteer and Trustee, Gill Perkins has passed away.  

Gill was a passionate supporter and advocate for Headway Nottingham and our clients since her introduction to our work as a volunteer Functional Skills tutor.  Her unwavering belief in fairness and justice led her to later take on a Trustee role for our charity, allowing us to benefit hugely from her high level experience of the corporate world as well as her compassion and enthusiasm to make life better our clients.  

Gill cared about each and every person connected with Headway Nottingham.  She listened to the staff and clients and understood the joy and frustrations of running a local charity.  When things were tough she was with us, sharing our sadness and offering reassurance that things would get easier.  When things went well she was with us too - doing a little happy dance and jumping for joy.  We're not sure what we will do without her governance and quality assurance genius, or her willingness to shake buckets, attend events, weed the garden, scrub the floors, bake the most incredible cakes and be a genuinely fabulous ambassador for the cause.  

We will all miss her and the sunshine she brought with her. We will all wonder what we will do without her.   Gill’s contribution to Headway Nottingham will last forever, what she has taught each of us, big or small, will stay with us and be passed on. Her wisdom, her sense of fairness, her joy continues in each of us.  Thank you Gill, we promise to continue fighting for the cause.  We love you.