Headway Nottingham has supported 20 people to achieve their first English and Maths qualifications since sustaining their brain injuries! 

Our determined learners have worked incredibly hard at our centre over the past ten months towards their exams, each challenging themselves to reach new goals and prove to themselves that they can achieve great things.  

All 20 of our amazing learners can now celebrate their new accredited qualifications, gained at Headway Nottingham with the invaluable support of our wonderful teaching team, Kirsty and Gill, with four people even achieving Maths qualifications at a GCSE equivalent level!  

I couldn't read or write before coming but now I've come so far and even read out loud in class

Skills re-established include functional Maths with practical applications for everyday life and the world at work, as well English consolidation and development in writing, reading and speaking, listening and communication.  

If you fail you can keep on going until you understand... I feel respected here and don't in other places 

Well done to all our incredible learners and congratulations on your hard-earned and well-deserved achievement!

Headway Nottingham's English and Maths classes were made possible with the wonderful support of the Santander Foundation. 

To enquire about attending Headway Nottingham's brain injury rehabilitation centre please call 0115 9679669 or visit the ask us for help section of our website.