During very uncertain times, Headway Nottingham makes a move that will save money and boost another local charity in the process.

This past year and a bit have been the most difficult many of us have faced, none of us could have imagined when we first started hearing about coronavirus that we’d still be talking about it now.  The heart-breaking effects of such a cruel and indiscriminate virus among the world’s population have been evident, but it’s also taken it’s toll on a third sector already under strain; many small charities like ours are facing difficult futures after over a year of reduced income and increased demand.

Headway Nottingham's CEO, Charlotte Leask meets with Jon Giles, CEO of Nottinghamshire Deaf Society

At Headway Nottingham we decided this would be a good time to reflect, review and make changes to secure our future and make sure those living with the effects of brain injury in Nottinghamshire can continue to be supported and encouraged to live a life not solely defined by their disability. A need to be even more careful with our precious resources has led us to make the decision to leave our base at The Old Rectory in Bilborough and make the move across the city to a new home.  This is a move that will not only help to secure our future, but also offers a boost to another Nottinghamshire charity operating through these difficult times.

We are please to announce that we will be taking up residence within the beautiful building belonging to The Nottinghamshire Deaf Society (NDS) on Forest Road, Nottingham. A listed building, it has served the deaf community of Nottinghamshire and been a base for the charity for nearly 100 years.

Charlotte Leask, Services Manager at Headway Nottingham says:

"The Nottinghamshire Deaf Society have been so accommodating and helpful as we have negotiated this move, their warm welcome and consideration for us and our needs has made a difficult decision much easier to make. A sharing of space in this way offers Headway Nottingham the chance to reduce its outgoings whilst simultaneously increasing the income of Nottinghamshire Deaf Society and we couldn’t be happier to contribute to our local community in such a way.  We cannot wait to see where this new-found friendship between us will lead”


Headway Nottingham's new home with Nottinghamshire Deaf Society is located just a stone's throw away from Nottingham's beautiful green spaces, Forest Recreation Ground and the Arboretum. Tram and bus routes and a nearby Park and Ride service ensure that Headway Nottingham will be as easy as possible for our community to access on public transport. 

As Headway Nottingham and The Nottinghamshire Deaf Society look forward to working alongside each other, Jon Giles, Chief Executive Officer of NDS commented:

  “We’re really looking forward to welcoming the staff and service users of Headway Nottingham to our building. It is as important as ever that charities make the best use of their resources and by making use of some of our spare capacity there is a shared benefit to both of us. It is going to be great to get to know Headway’s people and learn more about their work and equally share some of our knowledge and experience of working with deaf people.”

Headway Nottingham’s day service has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic, but this move means that we can re-open from Monday 5th July in our new space and finally get our members back together.  Many have suffered extreme isolation over the last year and we’re eager to carefully bring our fabulous members back to a place where they can, once again, feel the warmth of friendship and true understanding.  While Covid-19 may be with us for some time yet, Headway Nottingham takes inspiration from it’s members, who have shown such resilience during this time and will endeavour to continue helping to improve the lives of those in Nottinghamshire living with complex disability after brain injury.

With any questions in relation to Headway Nottingham's new home or our services more generally please do get in touch using the contact details here.