Headway Nottingham is proud to have been awarded a £3,000 donation from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.  

The grant acknowledges the life-changing work undertaken at Headway Nottingham and is exclusively for the support of people in our local community whose lives have been turned upside down after brain injury. 

Barry Woodhead, Provincial Charity Steward for Nottinghamshire Freemasons said of the donation:

Both the Masonic Charitable Foundation and Nottinghamshire Masons are very pleased to be able to help the Nottinghamshire branch of Headway who do such an outstanding job helping those suffering brain injury.  The care and attention given by those in the charity to helping people restore life and social skills was wonderful to see, together with the dignity shown to those being helped. 

I truly enjoyed both the visit and meeting some of those who the charity is helping.  There is clearly a strong demand for the charity’s service and you are all to be congratulated on your work.  We are proud to support the charity.

During their visit Barry Woodhead and David Eades, Provincial Information Officer, learned about the nature and effects of brain injury, current difficulties with accessing support for people with profound, and often invisible disabilities, and met some of our members to share the news of the wonderful donation from the Masonic Charitable Foundation. 

Headway Nottingham welcomes representives of Nottinghamshire Masons and the Masonic Charitable Foundation to celebrate their generous donation

On the donation, Charlotte Leask, Headway Nottingham's Services Manager said:

"This donation from the Masonic Charitable Foundation is an incredibly important one. The £3,000 has been gifted to us to use wherever the need is greatest, which allows us to use it to underpin all our essential work - helping us make sure we can continue to fund our dedicated staff team and vitally keep the lights on at our rehabilitation centre! 

"We were delighted to welcome representatives from the Nottinghamshire Freemasons on behalf of the MCF to visit the centre. It is wonderful to know that we have the support and interest of our local community, as well as the Masons' national charity, which makes such a difference to so many vital organisations like ours.  We give our heartfelt thanks to the Masonic Charitable Foundation!"

More information on the extensive work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation can be found on their website.