The Headway Nottingham team is excited to announce the winner of our first annual Gill Perkins Award...

The Gill Perkins Award celebrates the exemplary hard work and dedication of one the Headway Nottingham team, their support of our clients as well as the charity as a whole.  

Angela Cattermer, Winner of The Gill Perkins Award

We're proud to announce that the winner of the first annual Gill Perkins Award is Angela (Ange) Cattermer, our Senior Support Worker!  Her award was presented by Sam Harris, our Chair of the Board of a Trustees.  Here's just a handful of the reasons why Ange is an utter star... 

"Ange has been a stalwart support to the clients and has maintained the continuity and sense of safety [throughout service relocation]. Ange never runs out of compassion and always provides support to the best of her ability."

"She is a true constant in the Headway Nottingham family... She is firm, straight talking but sensitive. She has compassion but doesn’t allow herself to be swayed in her stance. She is THE best at working 1-1 with clients to resolve problems, enabling them to address their difficulties and working out plans with them to make sure they have all the support they need."

"She's dependable in a crisis, knowledgeable, honest, loyal and has the finest repertoire of Nottingham colloquialisms you'll ever hear!"

"As a fellow team member, she is dependable, knowledgeable, rarely absent, and totally the “go to” person with client related problems. She handles difficult situations extremely well and can always be counted on to act without panic and in the clients best interest.  She takes on extra responsibility when required so that her team members can have the breaks they need and will always listen to your problems and do what she can to support you."

"No better support in this place than our Ange!"

Gill Perkins The Gill Perkins Award was introduced in 2022, in tribute to Gill Perkins, who served as a Volunteer and Trustee for Headway Nottingham for many years. Gill made a huge contribution to Headway Nottingham and was always passionate about the service, the beneficiaries, and the staff team. This award recognises the fantastic achievements of the staff team and their willingness to go above and beyond whilst honouring Gill's memory.