At 21 years old Raj Gataora had been working at a pub to make money for University. On the way home from a shift, the weather was awful, and a deer ran out in front of Raj's car causing him to swerve.  

After the crash Raj's family (pictured) were told he wouldn't walk, talk or breathe on his own, but in his own words, "Look at me now."  He credits his progression and accomplishments to their unwavering support and love. 

Rajs family

After years of "sulking" he decided to face the reality that "what's happened has happened" and he wanted to do something with his life.  

He completed his Criminology course at Nottingham Trent University, proudly walking the stage to collect his degree and now leads a life of accomplishments attending Headway Nottingham, going to the gym and rock climbing.