All of us at Headway Nottingham were very much hoping that a 2nd lockdown would not be necessary.  Unfortunately, high rates of infection across the country have seen the Government announce their intention to introduce a new set of national restrictions starting on Thursday 5th November.  We realise that this prospect may be a difficult one for many of our clients and their families, especially as the darker nights and colder weather is setting in.  

Each time there is a change to the guidance, Headway Nottingham must reflect and review its practices and procedures and make decisions about how we can safely continue to deliver services. Having had to do this just last week when "tier three" restrictions were introduced in Nottinghamshire, we find ourselves doing it once again as national restrictions are imminent.  After much reflection, consultation and discussion, the Board of Trustees at Headway Nottingham have decided to close our day service and revert to offering a remote service during this period of national restrictions.  We will close from Thursday 5th November and this closure will remain in place until the national restrictions are lifted in a month's time.

This decision has not been made because we can't keep you safe while you're at the centre, we are confident that the measures we have put in place here are robust and minimise the risk of transmission in our building.  However, many of our clients and their families are vulnerable to this awful virus and rely on using public transport to get to us.  We would be devastated if, on travelling to us here, one of our lovely clients inadvertently contracted covid-19. It's also fair to say Headway Nottingham feels a huge connection to its local community and wants to play its part in helping to curb the rate of infection while simultaneously supporting some of its most vulnerable citizens.

We understand that many of our clients feel that their mental health will suffer as a result of the closure and we agree that this could be a difficult time.  Our care and support will continue though, despite the distance between us, and our team will work tirelessly to deliver this support.  We are in a much better position now than we were all those months ago when the first lockdown arrived, we have much better remote provision and look forward to making sure you can all connect with us, and with each other during this unprecedented and difficult time.

Our day centre clients can expect to hear from us very soon to explain the decision, but please do contact the centre on 0115 9679669 or [email protected] with any questions.