My first day at Headway Nottingham was as 'Headway' as you can get - I walked in to find a support worker, standing in the kitchen 'is this your first day? Enjoy the quiet while you can' he said. I waited in the rec room, which would later be filled with games of blackjack, hot cups of tea and lots of laughter. Then, the troops started arriving, introductions were done, guitars were played, jokes were had and I was made to feel at ease!

I wanted to volunteer at Headway Nottingham because I was going to study psychology and neuroscience, which I started this year. Volunteering here has provided invaluable insight and a real hands on experience as to what it's like for people who've had brain injuries. Not only does it benefit the service users to interact with a wealth of different people, but I too have gained a great deal since I started eight months ago. I have a greater value for life and an increased optimism because of some of the inspiring people I have met along the way. Headway Nottingham is a massive source of joy in my life and I couldn't encourage anyone enough to come here!

(Sophie, currently still studying)