The team at Headway Nottingham is proud and disproportionately excited to reveal their brand new, shiny website! will provide up to date information, news and developments in the field of brain injury, especially relevant to the Nottingham city and Nottinghamshire county communities.  It will also give a taster of some of the amazing work that happens at the centre and provide help and inspiration for how to support us.

Rhiana Lakin, Fundraiser at Headway Nottingham said "It's a revelation!  I was happy with carrier pidgeon and writing on slate, but this website gives a whole load of information at the touch of a button!  This website thing is a great idea - every charity should have one!"

On a serious note, has been long-anticipated, and the website will be an invaluable addition to the vital brain injury rehabilitation and support work we already provide.  With the volume of brain injuries unfortunately showing no signs of reducing, it is so important that we're able to reach even more people who urgently need our help.

We've also considered that for many people at the beginning of their rehabilitative journey with Headway Nottingham, the prospect of attending a day centre can be a daunting one.  For those who are nervous of taking the plunge, we hope that the website will provide reassurance and encouragement to take that first step.

We'd love to know the thoughts of users of the website, so with any comments or suggestions please get in touch using the contact form below.  We hope you enjoy the new website!

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