Headway Nottingham is always looking for innovative new activities for it's members and we struck metaphorical gold when we teamed up with Breathe Arts Health Research to provide "Magic for Memory" online sessions.

“Hearing the feedback from the members, seeing the improvement and happiness in them each week, is why we do what we do. I’m completely in love with the concept of Breathe Magic for Memory” Charlotte - Service Manager

Breathe worked alongside our colleagues at Headway East London to develop sessions that teach participants how to do magic tricks.  This may sound like a fun thing to do, but it's so much more than that.  The Magic Circle magicians tailored their sessions with tricks that would specifically help our members; all of whom are living with the effects of brain injury.  Sequencing, short term memory problems, low confidence levels and difficulties with communication are but some of the hurdles many living with brain injuries have to overcome.   In trying their hardest to overcome these difficulties many find their mood lowering and their mental health suffering.

“Breathe Magic is the highlight of my week!” Breathe Magic Participant

These fabulous sessions have managed to help improve many of these difficulties along with bringing laughter, happiness and an increased sense of wellbeing to all those taking part.  Don't just take our word for it watch the video and hear it directly from those involved.

Thank you just isn't quite enough to show our appreciation to all at Breathe Arts Health Research and Headway East London for allowing us to benefit so much from this opportunity!