The team at Headway Nottingham is jumping for joy at the news that their COVID-adapted support services have received a much-needed financial boost from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund.

The funding will shore up the short term future of Nottingham's only long term brain injury specific support service for local people, as well as allow the expansion of support services for clients and their carers.  

As Coronavirus hit the UK the team were quick to respond to the precautionary closure of the rehabilitation centre and adapt to provide remote emotional support and rehabilitation activities achievable in the home.  

Headway Nottingham's Outreach Worker, Alexandria Smith explained:

"Our remote support has been invaluable to both our clients and carers who would ordinarily access Headway Nottingham.  We have are proud to have been able to promote well being and offer human contact and emotional support at the most difficult of times. We know though that the need for support after brain injury has never been greater. We must make sure that the restrictions of lockdown don't exacerbate the effects of brain injury that can already affect our clients' lives so profoundly."

Whilst ensuring the continuation of the lifeline 'Separate Together' project over the coming six months, the award of £91,992 will also facilitate online friendship and rehabilitation for some of the charity's most vulnerable clients and make the launch of Headway Nottingham's Carer's Group a reality. 

Headway Nottingham's Services Manager, Charlotte Leask continues:

"We must bridge the gap of lost reassurance and confidence that has been particularly devastating for many in recent months. Despite the difficult reality that our service has had to change to facilitate distancing measures, we know we can continue improving local lives and empower people with disabilities to reach their potential. This project will lessen the impact of much reduced respite for carers, improve resilience within our community of people with disabilities as a result of brain injury and help us support each person to live life with positivity and without feeling defined by disability. 

"We are incredibly grateful for the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund and must thank the Government."

For more information about Headway Nottingham's Separate Together project, including carer support and help with online rehabilitation engagement, email Charlotte Leask at [email protected].